Being heard can sometimes be difficult, with our full range of audio solutions you can be sure this won’t be the case at your event.
With audio solutions from a selection of industry-standard manufacturers, you can be sure we have a solution to suit your needs. 

One of our more popular solutions is small and discrete, and is perfect for weddings and small conferences. Sometimes bigger is better, and if you need a full sound package to compete against fireworks or to cover large areas this is also something we can help with and have a lot of experience in.

It’s not just speakers and sound desks, we also have radio mics, IEMS, comms, Qlab machines, Soundcards and all the other bits you need to make audio work for you.


Make your event stand out

From simple to the beautiful

Lighting has been at our core since day one, let us help you be seen.
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Lasers, Flames, Pyro and Water FX

You will have seen our work on the TV, why not see it in person?

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Planning and design services

See what you're going to get

We like to show you what we are thinking, from napkin doodles, to 3d renders.
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Charity and Education

We offer a full suite of services

We are here to help

We offer all our services to charity and education.
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Temporary power installations to BS7909

Dont let a power cut destroy your event

Giving you peace of mind knowing your power will be ok.
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Health and Saftey

Coming soon

Comming Soon

We currently have staff undergoing advanced H&S diplomas in order to provide you with a full health and safety service for your event.


Projections, Cameras and Screens

Streaming to screens

Hybrid and virtual, to screens and large format projection and video mapping.
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The right people for the right jobs

It's the people who make it work

From the right equipment and plant operators to crewing services.
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Everything else

All the other bits and pieces.

From rigging and stages to transport and site services

We can support you with all the things you need.
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